Pro privacy

Privacy is a fundamental human right. Without privacy, we have no autonomy. Without privacy, we have no freedom.


  • Privacy by design (zero spy cookies)
  • Anonymous sessions
  • Your data is yours
  • GDPR, ePrivacy, and CCPA compliant

1. We use a privacy by design approach

This means that we make all of our choices in order to protect your privacy. Sometimes that makes implementing the latest cool feature pretty difficult or not possible. But, we ultimately felt that a feature is actually not cool at all if it is not protecting your privacy.

Let's take analytics as an example. The sad fact that most companies default immediately to Google Analytics, means that you have zero privacy on their site right from the get-go. Google's free solutions are easier to think about in terms of the free-doms they're taking away from you. That's not cool.

We use the most privacy-centric analytics solution on the market. We decided that we would not have analytics at all if we couldn't find a better way. Thankfully, we found Fathom. If you are in the market for analytics, then use our referral link and save a few bucks. That's very cool.

Using Fathom enables us to see how our site is performing, including up-time monitoring, without any identifying details about our visitors and users. This means that Fathom doesn't know who you are, nor can they ever, and neither do we. We thought that was pretty great, and turns out they're a pretty great company, and 1% For The Planet Member, too.

We also implement an anonymous sessions system rather than a "cookie system". Combine this with Fathom's cookie-less features and it means that we use zero spy cookies. We're pretty proud of this and we will continue to do our best to keep this a reality.

2. We use anonymous sessions

Our system, powered by Django, implements an anonymous framework that abstracts the sending and receiving of data, storing and retreiving arbitrary data on a per-site-visitor basis.

This, coupled with our use of Fathom, means that users and visitors to our site are completely private and anonymous to us and anyone who has acccess to our system.

We can't protect you from the rest of the internet, yet. But, we have designed our site to ensure that you are protected while you're here — and we're thrilled that you are.

3. Your data is yours

We really don't want your data. So, we collect zero data on users and visitors to our site, and the minimum amount of data on firm accounts as possible.

Firms have the option of creating an account and connecting their job posts to our site. For this system to work to our standards of quality, we verify all firm accounts before they are allowed to connect any jobs. In order to verify firm accounts, we collect username, first name, last name, user's work email, firm name, firm phone number, and firm website.

We do not share, rent, sell, or otherwise disseminate firm account data to anyone, ever. If, and when, we figure out how to verify firm accounts with less data, then we will happily update our system to do so.

We use an industry standard PCI-compliant system for payment handling. Rest assured, your payment information is private and secure thanks to industry leader, Stripe.

Ever been on a website or application where it's almost impossible to delete your account? You can simply, and easily, delete your account at any time for any reason right from your account dashboard. Software should be simple, deleting too.

4. We comply with all privacy protection laws

Frankly, while important, the privacy protection laws are incredibly weak and do little to protect you from surveillance capitalists. The laws have been heavily lobbied and water-downed by the technology monopolies.

So, we easily comply with all existing privacy laws, including GDRP, ePrivacy, and CCPA. Since we don't use cookies or track you, we also don't have to display one of those annoying cookie banners that see you on almost every website you normally visit — see how you're being tracked everywhere?

This is a really important issue, and your support of companies fighting to protect you from the pipelines of surveillance capitalism is vital.