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Who built The Grid? Mark & Sara, partners and co-founders of Core Theory.

Why build The Grid? It was born out of Sara's search for architecture jobs in Portland (hence the PDX part). We quickly discovered how difficult it was just to find the job postings — then you have to decipher them. We thought that there should be an easier, less time-consuming, way.

I want to support the site, how can I help? The best way to support the site is to make a donation. A $16 donation currently covers server costs for 1 month. If you're a business owner or developer, then there is another big way to support us: use our referral link to sign up for Fathom Analytics. You will save $10 on your first invoice and we will earn a 25% lifetime commission on your payments to them — and you'll be contributing to a better internet.

What is Fathom Analytics? They are an independent, privacy-centric, analytics and uptime monitoring company — they do not participate in surveillance capitalism. They enable us to understand how our services are performing while enabling our visitors and users to remain private and anonymous. You can learn more about why we chose them on our privacy page. If you're in the market for an analytics service, then you can use our referral link to save some money, support us, and support a better internet.

Job Posts

How does the ranking system work? It's not a perfect a science, yet. One of the biggest headaches of looking for a new job is deciphering the "years experience" requirement. So, we've codified a ranking system, from 0 - 6, that quickly reveals the best place for an applicant to start. We take into account the range, firm, and job description.

Years Example Details
0 Intern Internship Any internship position (student or not)
1 0 - 3 2-5 years Split the gap, point-of-entry
2 3 - 6 4 years minimum Point-of-entry
3 6 - 9 6-12 years Point-of-entry
4 9 - 12 8+ years Split the gap
5 12 - 15 12-25 years Point-of-entry
6 15 + 15 years minimum Point-of-entry

What does the "B corp" badge mean? The badge indicates that a firm is a certified B corporation. We do this to inform you that this company is awesome and part of a growing movement, and new generation, toward business as a force for good.

How can I connect my job posts? If you own or represent a firm, then you can connect your firm's job posts by first creating and verifying an account with us. Then, it's as simple as selecting the rank and providing the link to the job.

What do those "http" badges mean? If you see http in the job post, then it means that the firm's website is insecure. If you see http next to the respective job title, then it means that the application link is insecure. You rarely want to spend time on non-https websites and you never want to enter any personal information.


I'm not a firm, can I create an account? Not yet, but it is something we're considering. We think there are some great features that would make it worthwhile, and your job search better, so we are considering it.

Do you offer free accounts? Yes, we offer firms the option to have a free account. You can remain with a free account until the end of the internet. It's kind of like a lifelong free trial, and if you decide that you need the full feature-set, like featured job posts, then you can easily upgrade.

Can I cancel or delete my account? Yes, you can cancel or delete your account at any time. If you cancel a paying account, then you will receive access to all features until the end of the paid period — you will still have access to your prior connected job posts, featured and otherwise. If you delete your account, then you will no longer have access to your account or job posts and all of your account data will be deleted and irretrievable.

Can I create new job posts? We are considering it for a future update. Currently, firms can only connect their job posts, but we have some ideas for adding this feature in a Grid way (easy and intuitive).

Privacy & Security

How's The Grid's privacy? Strong. We implement a privacy by design approach, making our website a black-hole to big tech. Zero cookies, zero spyware (spy pixels, et al), encryption, and an account system that requires the minimum amount of publicly available occupational information. Oh, your account password is completely inaccessible and private too.

How's The Grid's security? Strong. We implement a security by design approach. Our two-factor authentication (2FA) uses TOTP and U2F, our entire site uses HTTPS + HSTS, our email is on TLS, account passwords are unknowable, and we don't collect any data that would ever be worth the time and effort of nation-state, or other sophisticated, adversaries.

Does The Grid serve ads or sell my data? No, never. We are in the business of selling software, not data. We are not in the business of surveillance capitalism. We think ads and data abuse (mining, selling, sharing, etc.) are horrible. You won't see that here.

Why should I trust you? We're glad you asked. We are part of a growing movement, and new generation, toward business as a force for good. Our studio and parent company, Core Theory, is a legally certified public benefit corporation. And our founders, Mark & Sara, care deeply about doing their small part to make the world a better place. Although we are a new and young company, we are determined, tenacious, and full of grit. We believe that people want better solutions for themselves and the world, and will choose to support those solutions if given the opportunity. The Grid, and Core Theory, are two such opportunities. We look forward to being able to update this section in 20 years and use our time-in-business as another strong point of trust.